ExtZy is a prediction market game created by Z/Yen, which makes a market out of web-pages. Players can buy shares in those sites that they think will grow in popularity, and then trade their dividends in for real prizes.

Shares - prices & stock markets


Top 10 Entities by highest Market Capitalisation

Entity Market Cap Price Change %
Montserrat (MSR) 292,000.00 1000.00 Negative -100%
Guatemala (GTM) 97,600.00 800.00 Positive 46367%
Spain (ESP) 58,666.44 88.62 Negative -10%
United Arab Emirates (ARE) 20,160.90 23.58 Positive 12%
Algeria (DZA) 10,057.71 15.99 Positive 0%
Cape Verde (CPV) 9,965.88 29.14 Positive 1335%
Aland Islands (ALA) 7,830.00 11.25 Positive 0%
Barbados (BRB) 7,095.90 9.30 Positive 0%
Bulgaria (BGR) 6,966.00 18.00 Positive 0%
Jordan (JOR) 6,922.30 8.99 Positive 0%

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Player Rankings By..

Rank Name Net Worth
1 Sasha 1357590.58
2 Laurence Gergel 59467.44
3 Ged 59356.28
4 Patrick Young 47480.73
5 Coward 27146.03
Rank Name Portfolio
1 Patrick Young 574970.46
2 Ged 406332.62
3 Michael Mainelli 254847.66
4 Dragonbait 213821.23
5 Laurence Gergel 197896.78
Rank Name Dividends
1 Michael Mainelli 44725.06
2 Patrick Young 39585.73
3 Laurence Gergel 34849.19
4 Dragonbait 24633.09
5 JamesElliot 13195.84

Risers and fallers

Country Risers

Entity Last Price Change
Guatemala 800.00 Positive46367%
Germany 6.09 Positive30350%
Norfolk Island 0.10 Positive5492%
Cocos (Keeling) Islands 0.52 Positive2500%
Northern Mariana Islands 0.80 Positive1900%
Cape Verde 29.14 Positive1335%
Guadeloupe 1.31 Positive1210%
Saint Lucia 1.81 Positive1193%
Gabon 0.11 Positive809%
Saint Helena 2.34 Positive388%

Country Fallers

Entity Last Price Change
Montserrat 1000.00 Negative-100%
Czech Republic 1.51 Negative-89%
Togo 0.21 Negative-83%
Guyana 1.29 Negative-82%
Somalia 1.53 Negative-81%
Syrian Arab Republic 1.30 Negative-80%
Belize 0.53 Negative-79%
Saint Barthelemy 1.00 Negative-75%
Tunisia 1.25 Negative-75%
Moldova, Republic of 0.37 Negative-69%

Avatar Recommendation

Grand old friend to keep you safe and secure.

Debbie-Lou is a sterling avatar who picks handsome stocks that you'll be proud to own: if it's big, reliable and the returns are tasty, Debbie-Lou will have a large slice of it. Playing the Debbie-Lou way gives you the comfort and certainty of a solid investment with near-guaranteed returns. But these are the stocks that everyone wants: be prepared to pay top dollar just to level-peg the field.

Top 10 Recommendation

Entity Last Price Change Rating Market Cap
Bulgaria 18.00 Positive 0% Strong Buy 6,966.00
Iran, Islamic Republic of 7.00 Positive -8% Strong Buy 2,170.00
Cuba 5.00 Positive 0% Strong Buy 1,195.00
Kenya 8.00 Positive 0% Strong Buy 5,512.00
Tanzania, United Republic of 5.25 Positive 0% Strong Buy 2,257.50
Bangladesh 7.00 Positive 0% Strong Buy 3,017.00
Portugal 2.81 Positive 147% Strong Buy 1,421.86
Montserrat 1000.00 Positive -100% Strong Buy 292,000.00
United Arab Emirates 23.58 Positive 12% Strong Buy 20,160.90
Barbados 9.30 Positive 0% Strong Buy 7,095.90

Bottom 10 Recommendation

Entity Last Price Change Rating Market Cap
Saint Lucia 1.81 Positive 1193% Strong Sell 434.40
Lesotho 1.12 Positive 5% Strong Sell 322.56
Tokelau 0.63 Positive 152% Strong Sell 363.51
Liechtenstein 1.32 Positive 10% Strong Sell 496.32
Namibia 1.59 Positive 6% Strong Sell 235.32
Papua New Guinea 1.63 Positive 24% Strong Sell 567.24
Solomon Islands 0.75 Positive 12% Strong Sell 270.75
Anguilla 0.79 Positive -19% Strong Sell 161.95
United States Minor Outlying Islands 0.12 Positive 0% Strong Sell 87.48
Gabon 0.11 Positive 809% Strong Sell 71.83
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Energetic earner who pays her way.

Madeline is the earnest avatar for players looking for healthy regular payouts from their investments. She'll spot reasonably priced stocks that should bring income on dividend day. Playing the Madeline way gives you the best chance of a reliable cash income. But don't expect the value of your holdings will shoot up: Madeline's tastes don't include the edgy startups whose value can rocket overnight; and she doesn't take a big holding in anything anyway.

Top 10 Recommendation

Entity Last Price Change Rating Market Cap
Belarus 0.68 Positive -53% Strong Buy 311.44
Ghana 2.75 Positive 0% Strong Buy 1,647.25
Viet Nam 1.46 Positive -28% Buy 522.68
Bangladesh 7.00 Positive 0% Buy 3,017.00
Morocco 3.00 Positive 0% Buy 1,233.00
Hong Kong 1.24 Positive -31% Buy 489.80
Belize 0.53 Positive -79% Buy 422.41
Kenya 8.00 Positive 0% Buy 5,512.00
Afghanistan 1.50 Positive 14% Buy 307.50
Christmas Island 0.33 Positive 313% Buy 98.67

Bottom 10 Recommendation

Entity Last Price Change Rating Market Cap
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2.45 Positive 33% Strong Sell 1,227.45
Faroe Islands 1.40 Positive -8% Strong Sell 842.80
Cape Verde 29.14 Positive 1335% Strong Sell 9,965.88
Saint Helena 2.34 Positive 388% Strong Sell 1,319.76
Timor-Leste 1.72 Positive 58% Strong Sell 1,713.12
French Guiana 5.99 Positive 25% Strong Sell 1,563.39
Antarctica 1.84 Positive 69% Strong Sell 198.72
Wallis and Futuna 2.50 Positive 0% Strong Sell 1,497.50
Antigua and Barbuda 2.34 Positive 93% Strong Sell 993.41
Bhutan 1.27 Positive 8% Strong Sell 753.11
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Fast moving chancer promises big rewards.

Angus is a flashy avatar who deals at the risky end of the market: where he sees the opportunity to turn a fast buck, he'll buy in bulk, even at high prices. Playing the Angus McGroshaire way gives you the chance for quick riches. But beware: this guy's game is dangerous. The top of the market is a wobbly place, it's easier to slip, and there's a long way to fall.

Top 10 Recommendation

Entity Last Price Change Rating Market Cap
Gambia 1.20 Positive -2% Strong Buy 120.00
Tajikistan 1.13 Positive -1% Strong Buy 119.78
Guadeloupe 1.31 Positive 1210% Strong Buy 396.93
Burundi 1.19 Positive 89% Strong Buy 370.09
Algeria 15.99 Positive 0% Strong Buy 10,057.71
Aland Islands 11.25 Positive 0% Strong Buy 7,830.00
Yemen 1.93 Positive -49% Strong Buy 407.23
Tonga 2.16 Positive 77% Buy 972.00
Hungary 15.26 Positive 0% Buy 5,325.74
Grenada 1.90 Positive -46% Buy 581.40

Bottom 10 Recommendation

Entity Last Price Change Rating Market Cap
Bhutan 1.27 Positive 8% Strong Sell 753.11
Lao People's Democratic Republic 0.53 Positive 6% Strong Sell 314.82
Colombia 2.55 Positive 2% Strong Sell 1,802.85
Palestinian Territory, Occupied 1.02 Positive -23% Strong Sell 598.74
Australia 29.00 Positive 294% Strong Sell 5,829.00
Malaysia 2.00 Positive -32% Strong Sell 1,352.00
Saudi Arabia 1.12 Positive 216% Strong Sell 792.96
Bermuda 0.37 Positive -63% Strong Sell 182.04
Ghana 2.75 Positive 0% Strong Sell 1,647.25
Ukraine 1.75 Positive 0% Strong Sell 1,050.00
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Hopeful hunter with an eye for bargains.

Val is the optimistic avatar for players who believe there are better deals out there, which the market herd has passed by. Val scours the field for stocks that look dowdy right now, maybe they earn little money, are underpriced, or there aren't many of them to buy. He tries to spot the ones with the best chance of a quick smarten-up and rise in value. Playing the Val U way gives you lots of stuff for cheap, so more chances to strike rich. But there is bound to be dross among his diamonds and you could end up with dust.

Top 10 Recommendation

Entity Last Price Change Rating Market Cap
Palestinian Territory, Occupied 1.02 Positive -23% Strong Buy 598.74
Philippines 1.69 Positive 6% Strong Buy 721.63
Saint Lucia 1.81 Positive 1193% Strong Buy 434.40
Sri Lanka 1.45 Positive 347% Strong Buy 662.65
Liechtenstein 1.32 Positive 10% Strong Buy 496.32
Anguilla 0.79 Positive -19% Strong Buy 161.95
Papua New Guinea 1.63 Positive 24% Strong Buy 567.24
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 1.09 Positive -4% Strong Buy 430.55
Lesotho 1.12 Positive 5% Strong Buy 322.56
Namibia 1.59 Positive 6% Strong Buy 235.32

Bottom 10 Recommendation

Entity Last Price Change Rating Market Cap
Algeria 15.99 Positive 0% Strong Sell 10,057.71
Aland Islands 11.25 Positive 0% Strong Sell 7,830.00
Hungary 15.26 Positive 0% Strong Sell 5,325.74
Montserrat 1000.00 Positive -100% Strong Sell 292,000.00
Bulgaria 18.00 Positive 0% Strong Sell 6,966.00
Angola 2.48 Positive 6% Strong Sell 1,631.84
Jamaica 8.00 Positive 0% Strong Sell 4,912.00
Cuba 5.00 Positive 0% Strong Sell 1,195.00
United Arab Emirates 23.58 Positive 12% Strong Sell 20,160.90
Oman 2.77 Positive 33% Strong Sell 1,329.60
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