The One Minute Guide to ExtZy

Welcome to ExtZy - the Market of Markets!

This page will give you a quick summary of the key things you need to know in order to play (and hopefully profit) at ExtZy.


The goal of ExtZy - like any market - is to make a profit.  It’s also to learn about how markets work, the effect of popularity and perception on prices, and the excitement of finding hidden value.


You’ll start the game with a zero (0) balance, but a ‘credit line’ of 1000 to get you started.  So you can start buying shares of stock (web-pages) immediately, in the expectation that dividends or sale of them will generate profit.

What Do I Do First?

Head straight to the ExtZy Market from which you can purchase shares, and consider what web-pages (or topics) will become more popular with time (measured by unique ‘hits’.)  Use the historical data on each stock to help determine value.

Find the best offers available and buy shares in them, which will then appear in your Portfolio.

What Do I Do Next?

Log in regularly to purchase new shares in sites that you think will become popular.  Sell shares you own to other players who are offering more than what you bought them for, or make offers to sell at a profit. Research which sites have a favourable Price-to-Earnings (P/E) Ratio and invest in those that provide high dividends.

How Do I Win?

Dividends on popular websites are paid weekly, and along with canny transactions (“Buy low, sell high!”) will increase your point total.  Once you have a positive balance, you can cash in points for real prizes, and buy more shares of new or well-performing sites.

15-Second Version

  1. Find interesting stocks (websites) that you think will become more popular.
  2. Buy shares in those sites, and track their progress on the market.
  3. Sell shares at higher prices to make a profit, and earn dividends on those shares you keep.
  4. Cash in dividends for real prizes once your balance makes a profit!

Please see the "Three Minute Guide to Markets", "Game Rules", "Terms and Conditions" and the detailed "ExtZy Help Files" for more information on how to play.